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Neuropathy Reversed

Neuropathy Reversed

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Are you living with stabbing, shooting or burning pain? Do you have numbness, tingling, cramping or loss of balance? Are you unable to get a restful night’s sleep or enjoy activities that are important to you? You have shared these complaints with multiple doctors only to be told to take medication and there are no solutions. This leaves you feeling depressed, hopeless and that there is nothing you can do.

There is hope! This book shares effective strategies to help you reverse your nerve pain. Drs. Tom and Stephanie Chaney have dedicated their lives to helping others improve their health and vitality. They specialize in a holistic and progressive approach to healthcare. Their resilient desire to continue learning and improving their skills have led them to sharing their simple but powerful steps to living a vibrant and pain free life!

In this powerful resource, you'll learn:

• Why you should care how well your nervous system is functioning, and how that relates to reversing neuropathy.

• Why so many people are sick and suffering in a failing healthcare model, and how do we snap out of it?

• How to get out of the downward spiral of disease and move into a vibrant and healthy lifestyle!

• The devastating effect that sugar has on inflammation and neuropathy.

• How to reverse the effects of neuropathy without medication.

• How the body really heals and why this is critical to your understanding of what needs to be done, and the time frame required to heal.

• Learn how to design your health using the fundamentals of food, exercise, and cutting-edge therapies provided in our office.

• Essential nutrients to naturally help decrease inflammation and reverse neuropathy, without the need for side-effect riddled medications.

• A way of eating that makes sense, gives you energy, and helps you say goodbye to neuropathy related pain, tingling and numbness.

• A breakthrough technology that can rebuild your nerves and reverse and restore healthy nerve impulses in your body.

• The incredible benefits of the HOCATT system and how it can transform your wellbeing!

• A better approach to reversing spinal pain with the power of red light therapy and how it can help regrow neurons.