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D-Emulse 2000

D-Emulse 2000

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D-Emulse 2000 is a concentrated, highly bioavailable liquid vitamin D formulation offering a broad range of dosage and titration possibilities. Unlike most other liquid vitamin D products available, D-Emulse 2000 is a convenient, pleasant-tasting and easily mixable formula. A natural emulsion technology allows for the production of a 2000 IU per drop formula that quickly and completely disperses in liquid. This cutting edge technology provides enhanced bioavailability, utilizing only naturally derived ingredients that are free of preservatives and synthetic surfactants. Presented in a 1 ounce glass bottle, D-Emulse 2000 makes dosing vitamin D convenient. It can be dropped into any beverage or simply on the tongue, and provides accurate dosing one drop at a time.